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  • Paul V.

    If you are in doubt try it out!!!!!

    Altersgruppe: 45-54Haarfarbe: Medium Brown

    Rating:5 Übermittlungsdatum: 2018/08/11

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    Ok, so I'm just browsing FB last week, and I see the ad for this stuff, I'm like how do you pronounce this, but I clicked on the video and said no way!!! So I figured what do I have to lose, I spend more on my morning energy drink to get the sample. It came yesterday, it took me 5 minutes to apply, and well, look at the pics, it freaking worked. I've already told like 20 people that can benefit from this. And I plan to order. I didn't even have to use that much, the sample will probably last me 5 days, so I'm ready to place my order for full bottle. Looks like I have a full head of hair again

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