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  • Lori C.
    Norwood Scale IV

    Norwood Scale IV

    Caboki has given my son his confidence back!

    Altersgruppe: Under 25Haarfarbe: Dark Brown

    Rating:5 Übermittlungsdatum: 2017/04/08

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    Like my husband, my son has early male pattern baldness which is crushing to a 19 year-old. When we noticed his hair thinning we immediately made an appointment with the dermatologist who recommended a topical treatment and a prescription to slow hair loss. I did what moms do, I started researching. While researching the dermatologist's recommendations, I came across a mention of Caboki. Intrigued but skeptical I ordered a sample for my son. What could it hurt? We were absolutely amazed by the amazing, natural results. After using the sample for a while, I came back to order a larger supply.

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